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Darek Construction

Home remodeling contractors serving Chicago and suburbs

Darek Construction

Home remodeling contractors serving Chicago and suburbs

For the past fifteen years, Darek Construction is proud to be one of the most trusted names among Chicago remodeling contractors, handling projects for properties big and small throughout the area. From bathroom remodeling to basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling to home additions, we employ the most professional, qualified, and experienced team of remodeling contractors in Chicagoland. We know that any homeowner has a vision for what they want their property to look like when the job is complete, and we are thrilled when we can help you turn that vision into reality. Our friendly customer service team can help you plan out your project, find materials and options that fit your budget and walk you through the process from beginning to end. Give Darek Construction a call and start getting to work on your home remodeling project today!

kitchen remodel island project

Why You Should Choose Darek Construction for Your Home Remodeling in Chicago

Few words about key features of Darek Construction

Experienced remodeling contractors

With over a decade of experience handling all sorts of remodeling projects, we can provide the right professionals for whatever job you have in mind. Since 2003, we have been producing top-quality work and satisfied customers throughout the Chicagoland area.

Highest quality remodeling materials & tools

Getting the job done right means using the best possible materials and tools every step of the way. We guarantee that we choose only the top products on the market, to make sure that your finished project will last you for years when we are done.

Projects completed on schedule

Home remodeling is a big undertaking, and it can be stressful to live or work while the job is being completed. That’s why we will provide an honest, clear schedule for the project, so you will know exactly when the job will be finished and your property will be back to good as new.

Exceptional customer service

Darek Construction know that a customer’s satisfaction is only partially derived from the work being done – it is also about how a company treats its customers. That’s why we place the highest emphasis on friendly, helpful customer service for every client we work with.

A variety of remodeling expertise

While some contractors may only specialize in certain types of tasks, Darek Construction employs remodeling contractors with experience in all manner of remodeling projects. From the bathroom and kitchen to major home additions and excavation Chicago projects, we can tackle it all.

Work that matches your vision

One of the most exciting parts of a home remodeling project is the ability to plan out a dream remodel for your home, and then see it come to life. That’s why we will work with you every step of the way to make sure that our work matches your expectations.

Home Remodeling Services

We provide bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, and other
home remodeling services, in the Chicagoland area.
grey modern bathroom

Bathroom remodeling

From new counters or tiling, drain cleaning, installing new bathtubs or toilets, to complete bathroom remodeling from top to bottom, we are experienced with it all. Whether you want more features or just want to update your existing bathroom for a more stylistic and appealing look, our bathroom remodeling contractors can help you find the right materials and styles for what you have in mind.

kitchen isle

Kitchen remodeling

It’s one of the most utilized rooms in every home, and everything from appliances to counter space can add convenience and comfort to making meals for the entire family. Our kitchen remodeling contractors can take care of new appliance installation, cabinet work, kitchen island installation, countertop replacement, or any number of kitchen remodeling projects such as hardwood floor installation.

empty basement

Basement remodeling

A finished basement is one of the easiest ways to add major square footage, and major value to your home, without having to add on to the existing structure. Our basement remodeling contractors can help you turn your unfinished basement into a comfortable, cozy new living space that is great for hosting guests, an extra bedroom, or even a space you can rent out.

shower cabine

Tile installation

Whether during kitchen or bathroom remodel, a stylistic tile choice can add elegance and visual appeal to any existing space, without other additional work. From walking you through various types of tile materials and colors to help you find the perfect style to complement your décor and color scheme, we are well versed in high-quality tile installation projects.

grey bathroom with flowers

Tub to shower conversion

While a bathtub is great for some people, a modern shower can be the perfect place to begin or end a tough day at the office. Darek Construction has plenty of experience in a tub to shower conversions, letting you add functionality to your bathroom without major renovations needed.

home porch

Room addition

If you are in need of more living space for a growing family, or to host guests from out of town, our home remodeling Chicago contractors and our gutter company Orland Park help you plan out the best way to expand your home while still meeting your budget. From the planning and permits to the final clean up after the job is done, we can make sure that your home addition meets your exact standards.