How to Match Floor Tile & Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen tiles and kitchen cabinets Chicago should complement each other to achieve a cohesive kitchen design.


When choosing floor tiles and kitchen storage cabinets in Chicago, make sure they coordinate in style. Kitchen floor tiles with narrow grout joints and clean edges are ideal for contemporary, slab-style cabinets.

Multi piece pattern floor tiles and stone tiles are best for raised panel cabinets. For wood grain kitchen cabinet design Chicago, a floor tile having the same character is an excellent combination.


At Lincoln Kitchen Design, our tile installers Chicago suggests that a kitchen with dark counters and light cabinets should have a dark floor tile to maintain balance.


Contemporary kitchen cabinets complement oversized floor tiles with fewer grout lines, while antique cabinets work well with smaller tiles.

Accents and Pattern

Modern kitchen cabinets are best combined with plain tiles, while traditional, decorative, and raised panel cabinets are suitable for pattern tile floors.

Call our kitchen cabinet designer Chicago today to get the best custom cabinets to achieve a cohesive kitchen design.

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