Why do you need auto maintenance?

Provides much needed engine lubrication

Fresh oil makes sure that there is appropriate lubrication for an engine’s many moving parts, an essential point to consider in terms of an oil change Northbrook residents recommend. As oil gets older, its lubricating capabilities begin to lessen, causing severe metal on metal contact. The friction between the moving engine parts will wear them down.

Removes engine muck

One large advantage of oil changes is that all the contaminants that have made their way inside the engine are brought back out by the old oil being drained. Oil collects dirt, dust, metal shavings and various other contaminants that may hinder engine performance as it runs through the motor.

Assists in regulating engine temperature

While it is generally up to the cooling system to maintain low engine temperatures, oil may also be helpful. Not only does oil assist in reducing heat production by reducing heat friction, fresh oil is meant to absorb heat as well, maintaining cooler temperatures inside.

Do not delay oil changes. They are an affordable and quick manner to maintain your car running great. If you require oil change service Northbrook auto-owners prefer, check out BTR Chicago Inc.