Benefits of Quartz Countertops Chicago, IL

The beauty of quartz countertops Chicago is their great strength and durability. Quartz is a mineral that can be heated to extremely high temperatures (over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit!), which allows for raw stone to be formed into virtually any shape, including counter tops. Contrast this with granite and solid surfaces, which are heated only to about 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat not only changes the natural color, but also causes the expansion or contraction of granite or solid surfaces. Depending upon their composition, some may become only slightly larger; others may split. The selection of quartz countertops Chicago has become really attractive over the past year or so. Whereas you might have gone before with a natural stone look, with quartz you have a vast array of different finishes and patterns to choose from. Quartz countertops can take on sort of an aged or rustic look, be ultra-contemporary, or appear very modern and sleek.