How To Tell If Your Stucco Needs An Upgrade?

Stucco is perhaps one of the most common and popular methods in terms of interior decoration, given its long duration and attraction effects that draw people in. Besides that, it is also one of the most viable methods in terms of economy and maintenance, so much that home and business owners have implemented it more frequently and expanded its use over time.

However, it is known that stucco maintenance can be somewhat tedious due to unawareness or lack of knowledge regarding when to do it, so much to the point of being considered by common people as non-essential. However, since our company offers a variety of professional stucco services, ranging from repair to maintenance, we can guide you on how to know in what intervals you need a regular overhaul done.

Inspect the stucco for potential issues

To find out if your stucco is in optimal condition or needs some stucco repair Wilmette, you must first inspect all your home or business sections that have this particular material. If any reason these sections present any type of cracks, gaps, mold, or discoloration on their surface, it can mean that the structure has reached its lifetime limit or it presents damage due to weather reasons, as well as external ones such as an accidental hit.

Furthermore, stuccos can also present the following type of cracks:

  •         Hairline crack: caused by stress or vibrations on or around the property.
  •         Spider crack: caused by improper curing during the installation (Due to the mixture’s quick dryness or lack of proper weather conditions).
  •         Patterned crack: caused by the lack of secureness of the stucco’s during the installation. It should be noted that this type of crack can be vertical or horizontal.

Smell the stucco siding

Perhaps smelling the stucco siding is an unusual request, but its main purpose is to know if the structure itself is deteriorating. If you experience an odor that is similar to the formation of mold, it is a clear red flag that requires the intervention of an experienced stucco company that can perform a more exhaustive inspection.

Look for streaks or stains

While it is easier to identify cracks in stuccos when inspecting your home or business’s exterior, it is a completely different thing when searching for any stains or scratches on them. If you happen to find any brown stains in the corners of the windows or the intersection between the walls and ceiling, as well as detecting any odor similar to a wet carpet; this is a clear signal that your stucco has suffered water damage that may require a partial or complete replacement.

If you happen to encounter any of these three issues with your stucco structures or finishes, please contact our stucco contractors based in Wilmette to schedule an appointment. They’ll gladly help you solve it!