If you’ve made any major lifestyle changes since solar panel installation Chicago, you may want to upgrade your solar energy system Chicago. For example, some people who work from home may need to buy more appliances or equipment because they’re no longer going into an office every day. Some homeowners who purchase EVs might find that their cars require a lot of electricity, which would mean increasing the size of their solar array or adding new panels altogether. And those moving into a newly built house with pre-installed solar may just want extra panels in order to generate even more power than originally planned Instead of building custom solar systems for homeowners, many new homes include standard-sized systems that meet minimum requirements set by local ordinances. After you’ve settled into your new home and gotten a better sense of how much electricity you’re using, it might be time to add another solar panel. To learn more about adding solar panels to your existing system, schedule an online appointment with top solar company Chicago like Solarwerks!