Spray Foam Insulation Elmhurst, IL Explained

If you are planning to have a home insulation project, you might read about spray foam insulation Elmhurst. One of the advantages of spray foam is that it is ideal for new and old homes. Spray foam Elmhurst can be used practically everywhere, especially in hard-to-reach areas for heat and acoustic insulation purposes. Using two-part liquid insulation materials such as ISO and resin, it travels through a heated hose to the spray gun, where they combine and create foam to fill the cavity surface. It gets into small cracks and crevices and blocks air, water, heat, and cold.

Open-cell foam insulation is commonly used for interior applications like roof decks, attics, basement walls, and more. In comparison, the closed-cell is more rigid and solid. The cells are pressed together and makes the air and moisture unable to get inside the foam. Call spray foam insulation contractors in Smart Spray Foam Insulation Elmhurst today to know more about our services.