How Can I Tell if My Stucco Needs Repair?

Below are some helpful suggestions regarding the performance of an inspection of your home’s exterior to determine where or not stucco repair Wilmette is needed.

Observe your stucco – You should be on the lookout for three main elements, mold, cracks, and discoloration. Age or improper installation of stucco and the deterioration it can cause can be the source of any of these issues.

Take a whiff of your stucco – damaged stucco has a different smell (e.g., due to the presence of growing mold or other unwanted substances) than the odor of undamaged stucco.

Touch your stucco – If your stucco crumbles a bit or feels brittle, it may be a sign of an underlying issue that should be assessed by a professional.

If you are already worried about s specific spot that has caught your attention, have no fear! Illinois Stucco will gladly provide you with an inspection and the stucco repair Winnetka property owners recommend. Contact us now!

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