The Right Weather for Tuckpointing in Chicago, IL

Before calling in masonry contractors in Chicago, check the weather for temperature and precipitation. It’s important to have temperatures running between 5-32° C, or 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit when taking on repointing or tuckpointing in Chicago. Make sure the day prior to the work, as well as three days after the work, are forecasted to be within that range. That would make spring to early fall the best time for masonry contractors in Chicago to handle the job. Ordinarily, tuckpointing contractors in Chicago are unable to do this type of work through January and February. For temperature, ensure that you are looking at daytime highs and overnight lows, checking the surface temperature tuckpointed area, as well as the outside temperature around it.

Although spring through fall temperatures will give you a window over the course of those months, heavy rainfall can also hinder projects like tuckpointing Highland Park. So always check for rain a few days before and a few days after the work is to be done. It’s best to check the forecast frequently to give your masonry contractors in Chicago the best chance of completing your tuckpointing as soon as possible.