The Basics of Deck and Porch Construction in Chicago, IL


You may want porch builders in Chicago or you might want to handle your new deck or porch construction yourself. In either case, it’s important to understand the right process. Porch contractors in Chicago know that when it’s done right, your new deck or porch can add great value to your home, enhancing its appearance while giving you exceptional functionality.


Mark Boundaries – Porch builders in Chicago rely on bright colors to clearly mark the dimensions of the new construction.

Break Ground – Dig out the measured area appropriately for your porch construction in Chicago.

Concrete Forms and Pouring – Use cardboard caisson tubes as you create concrete forms to hold the poured concrete together.

Deck Framing – Measure, cut, and screw your boards together to create your frame.

Decking Material – The final stage of your deck construction is installing the deck material with screws.