Signs of Trouble to Look for

During the winter, check for these warning signs that could signal a need for a roof repair in Lombard:

  1. Clogged roof drains lead to an accumulation of water on your roof, as it cannot run off properly. This is an issue in any season, but winter will freeze and thaw water several times, adding more weight to the roof with each cycle. Certified roofing Lombard contractors in Lombard can inspect it for you.
  2. Icicles may look nice but they are a sure sign of problems with your gutters. Ice dams contribute to the water drainage problem mentioned above. Plus, ice dams create their own issues by damaging eaves, shingles, and other critical roof parts, leaving you to call a roofer in Lombard to fix them.
  3. Snow accumulation can be extremely heavy on your roof. Take the necessary action to remove large amounts of snow from your roof safely when possible.
  4. Pay close attention to your exterior so you can spot signs of water leaks. Call a roofer in Lombard right away if you see anything of concern.