3 Ways Weather Can Damage House Siding

Exposed to harsh weather in Antioch, your house siding will take a beating. This can lead to damages that will need repairs or replacement. These are the elements that you will need to pay attention to.

1. Wind

House sidings made of wood or vinyl can have cracks due to windstorms. Hire good siding contractors Antioch, like Buzz ND Siding Contractors, will help in making sure your siding installation is done properly to avoid any mishap.

2. Sun

When the sun gets too harsh, expect some fading to occur on your siding. Steel ones will fade less but it will cause some uneven tones if you decide to replace any part in the future.

3. Hail

Wintertime could have hail storms in Antioch that may result in some holes in wood or vinyl siding. Metal ones are prone to dents. This could result in inefficient heating or cooling, leading to higher electricity bills.